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From “Kling(ing)on to Biblical Lore,” about asking Trekkers at a Klingon convention to comment on the Klingon translation of the Bible 

Orlando Weekly - July 26, 2001:



“One thing Trekkers have in common with Christians is devotion. In fact the far-out space nuts might even outdo church types in this regard, as the religious don't generally dress up as God when they go to services….the allegiance of the Trekkers could make Pentecostals look as laid back as Buffett fans. At the center of it all there are the Klingons, drinking what looked like wine and huffing down cake in a noisy private celebration in the lobby of the Tampa Hilton, causing the brows of non-Trek guests to knit themselves into sweaters.”


"Qapla," a Klingon aloha, is the greeting I get from Khetara (Christine) and LaQru (Susan). They are Klingon girls who, despite the rep of their tribe, were extremely chatty and personable. Asked whether the Bible would interest them, they said sure: "We wish to find out what motivates the culture ... so we can take it over." They noted that it must be a very important book since we stick it in every hotel room.”

From “Watch a Mysterious Worm With an Anus for a Mouth"

National Geographic - July 15, 2017

"Hey there, hipster! Some worm is trying to steal your mustache."

From “Trash 2 Trends,” review of all-recyclabled fashion show

Orlando Weekly - Feb 17, 2016


"I lost my head for Marie Antoinette.

She was dazzling and surreal, like something that walked out of Terry Gilliam's dreams. With her wild blonde hair holding a ship aloft and her dress made of maps, she reminded us that the world is big, but our imaginations can make it bigger. And greener."

From "Ten Weirdest Ways Humanity Has Tried to Cure Sexual Dysfunction"

Alternet - Oct. 6, 2015


“I’ve always been jealous of boys, envying what seems like the ease of male biological life: no periods, no fear of pregnancy and all your junk is on the outside so your doctor doesn’t have to go tunneling, like she’s breaking out of Shawshank, to find out what’s up with your cervix.”

From "Why Animals Get Gray Hair Too"

 National Geographic - July 6, 2017 


“…if we make it to the golden years, how come all we get is a head full of silver?”

Liz Langley

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