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Liz Langley

 Crazy Little Thing: Why Love & Sex Drive Us Mad.   


Crazy Little Thing is a look at why we want to be in love and the burbling, boiling soup of endorphins, hormones, and neurotransmitters that spill from our brain to make us do things that would otherwise be viewed as insane. Investigative journalist Liz Langley traveled the country to research and interview singularly love-mad folks who maimed, murdered, and married. Langley reveals the science of love and lust, as well as very human stories: a spouse who can't stop loving her criminally psychotic husband, even after he threw acid in her face; the sweet romance between alligator-skinned sideshow performers; and a man whose neurons drive his necrophilia. Langley reveals the control our chemicals have over us in a hilarious, confounding ― and too strange to be anything but true ― look at love.


Pop Tart:  A Fresh, Frosted Sugar Rush Through Our Pre-Packaged Culture

Pungent, witty, clever, curious, and intelligent-that's our girl! In an age whose political correctness has managed to turn social commentary into vanilla pudding, Liz Langley's eye-opening directness is as bracing and direct as... oh, as getting happily hit in the face with a bucketful of icy water. She is wry, incisive, and fall-off-the-barstool funny, not to mention possessing that most classic of writing tools: the iron hand concealed within the velvet glove. Having set Florida aflame with her observations, Liz is poised to take on the world... look out!


"This didn't mean I was immune to love, and when it did pop up, like a brain aneurysm or a winning lotto ticket, I was as unprepared for its consuming power as Carrie White was for her period.”

Liz Langley

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